Mont Marte Gesso Primer 500ml White/ Black




This water-based universal primer is superb for preparing surfaces for painting. It is a bright white opaque primer with an absorbent character. Mont Premium Marte Gesso may be used on canvas, cardboard, and wood. Once dry, gesso may be painted on with acrylics and oils. Mont Marte Premium Gesso is acid-free and provides an absorbent surface to paint on.

Apply two thin coats of gesso for a smooth surface with Mont Marte Gesso Brushes. It may also be applied with a palette knife for a more textured effect. Touch dry within 2 hours, longer for heavier applications. Clean up with water.

  • using gesso on a pre-primed canvas gives your painting a smoother, more even surface.
  • the smooth surface allows the paint to flow freely and won’t get lost in the weave of the canvas.
  • reduces acidity levels of paper and wood, giving your painting longer life when using these supports.
  • Brand: Mont Marte.
  • Made in Australia.

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White, Black


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