Cretacolor Caramel Fine Art Gum Eraser For Sketching




Cretacolor Caramel Fine Art Gum Eraser For Sketching

  • A gum eraser is an essential part of every art studio. The soft texture is ideal for erasing and blending charcoal, pastel, and graphite, and the crumbly used pieces naturally stick together for easy removal from the page. This high-quality gum eraser from Cretacolor is called the “Caramel” because of its familiar tan color.

    Dual-purpose eraser and cleaner for dry media. Designed to crumble while removing unwanted marks keeping the paper surface unscarred. As it crumbles, it creates a fine dry powder that cleans the surface by absorbing graphite, charcoal, or any dry media and dirt.

    • Synthetic gum eraser that has a high capacity of absorption of charcoal, graphite, and dry artist material.
    • Easy erasing without exerting pressure on the surface of the paper, forming soft crumbs.
    • For erasing or smudging strokes of charcoal drawings.
    • Made in Austria.


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