Metallic Alcohol Pigments For Epoxy Resin 6pcs




Create Stunning Resin Art with Studio’s 6Pc Metallic Alcohol Pigments

metallic alcohol pigments 6 colors for the artist. adorable colors. Make with high-quality materials.

If you’re an artist or DIY enthusiast working with resin, you know that the right pigments can make all the difference in creating a stunning and unique piece of art. And that’s where Studio’s 6Pc Metallic Alcohol Pigments come in!


These pigments are specially formulated to work with resin, and they create a stunning metallic effect that will take your art to the next level. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large one, these pigments will help you achieve the exact look you’re going for.


The set includes 6 different colors, all of which are highly pigmented and easy to use. And because they’re alcohol-based, they blend smoothly and evenly, making it easy to create custom colors and effects.


These metallic pigments are perfect for a wide range of projects, from resin jewelry to home decor. They’re also incredibly versatile, and can be used with other mediums such as acrylic paint and ink to create even more unique effects.


So if you’re looking to take your resin art to the next level, be sure to add Studio’s 6Pc Metallic Alcohol Pigments to your toolkit. With these pigments, you’ll be able to create stunning effects and take your art to new heights!


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