Soft Oil Pastels For Artists




First of all, we have to know that oil pastels are not equal to crayons. Compared with crayons, oil pastels are softer, the colors are softer and brighter, and the coloring is easier. It can be mixed like oil paintings to make oil painting effects.

How to use oil pastels?
* 1. When using the oil pastel, you need to use a little more strength, so that the oil pastel will be attached to the paper,
which is convenient for coloring.
* 2. The oil pastel has good coverage, so if you use the wrong color, you can cover it with the correct color oil pastel, or use a scraper, painting knife or other tools to remove it.
* 3. When using oil pastels of different colors alternately, be careful not to mix other colors on the oil pastel, it may cause the picture will look messy, in order to avoid uneven color mixing, if other colors are stuck, you can erase them with paper and paint them again.
* 4. The mud rubbing is normal, the harder oil pastels are easier to rub mud. You can wipe the mud off with your hands or tools, or remove them if you need them.
* 5. The edge of the oil pastel can be used to outline lines.

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