Professional Calligraphy Qalam Set Of 10



Professional Calligraphy Qalam Set Of 10

The bamboo calligraphy pen is one of the oldest tools of calligraphy in the world. More than a millennium ago, Arabic calligraphers found bamboo to be the ideal tool for a wide variety of calligraphic works, both large- and small-scale, The finest quality of bamboo has been used and crafted by professional Artist &

Exhibitor to make it useful to write several languages Arabic, Farsi

Persian, English, Urdu. Pen Qalam

1. Set of 8 shaped bamboo dipping pens for drawing ink applications.

2. One ended. The end has a small Qatt that allows ink to flow in shape.

3. Pens come pre-shaped but can easily be adjusted with a sharp knife.(Not Recommended).

4. 8 Bamboo sized pens Tool in the set -+ 7.7inch lengths.

5. Supplied in Its beautiful Packing Premium Wooden Box.

6. Handmade Quality Product.

7. Reed Pens for Calligraphy.

8. Imported Quality Bamboo.

9. Artist Quality vintage Feather Included Qalam.

10. Product code: 0012

10. Made in Pakistan.


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