Keep Smiling Water Brush Pen




Keep Smiling Water Brush Pen

Keep Smiling empty brush pen small. Easy to use & reliable, Size: Small. Using for arts and craft and painting work purposes. High quality. 1 piece in the pack.
Wettability Control – Control the ink or water flow with just a squeeze of the barrel of the pen. Blend with water or add ink to barrel for fast, easy, and fun painting or calligraphy.
Multi-Purpose – Brush pen can apply to artist watercolor, gouache painting or coloring, body or face painting, and even ink calligraphy.
water brush is unlike any other brush. It consists of a familiar-looking bunch of bristles at the one end, but the handle isn’t solid wood or plastic. Rather, it’s a container or reservoir designed to hold water. As you use the water brush, water gradually seeps down from the reservoir onto the bristles.


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