Daler Rowney FW Artists Gold Acrylic Ink 29.5 ML




Daler Rowney FW Artists Gold Acrylic Ink 29.5 ML

  • Intensely Colored Ink – Daler-Rowney acrylic ink is made from premium pigments that give rich, bold color in every bottle. Use it straight from the dropper for intense color or mix with water for dreamy washes
  • High Lightfastness – Our acrylic ink is fully intermixable, water-based permanent ink with expressive fluidity that resists fading when exposed to light, allowing you to create artwork that lasts a lifetime
  • Multi-Use Bottle of Ink – Use this ink line as airbrush ink, in a technical pen as dip pen ink, miniature ink to paint figurines or dilute to use as watercolor ink
  • 45 Vivid Colors – 45 ink colors let you build your own FW ink set. Available in 29.5ml and 180ml bottles, this acrylic drawing ink gives you endless options for mixing artist colors
  • Made in England – Inspiring creativity since 1783, Daler-Rowney strives to be accessible, inclusive and innovative, offering an outstanding artistic experience and affordable paint supplies, including acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints


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