Masterclass Artists Oil Paints Set Of 8x18ml


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Masterclass Artists Oil Paints Set Of 8x18ml

8 artists oil paints in 18 ml tubes of the MASTER CLASS professional series by Nevskaya Palitra from Russia St.Petersburgh.

The extra-fine artists oil paints of the MASTER CLASS series represent thick ground fine mixtures of highly-qualified pigments and binding agents produced on the basis of linseed oils. The natural resins- dammar and mastic- are added into compounds of the binding agents. Great brightness and purity of colors. These oil paints are characterized by a perfect balance of primer and finished colors. Fine-grained, dough artist’s colors of MASTER CLASS series are notable for their excellent lightfastness. They do not change their original colors after drying, so that they can be (and have widely been!) used in restoration works.

Colors included in PORTRAIT Set:

Naples Yellow Pale***
Naples Flesh***
Naples Rose***
Naples Yellow**
Cadmium Red Light***
Ultramarine Light**
Raw Sienna***
Burnt Umber***

Colour Include Pastel Set:

Naples Yellow PALE***, Coral Pink**, Petersburg Rose**, Petersburg Lilac**, Royal Blue**, Turquoise Bluish***, Turquoise Greenish***, Malachite Green Light***

Master-Class extra-fine artists oil colors with seacsape themed set of  8 tubes in 18ml. Made In Russia.

Paint characteristics;

  • Most colours are single pigmented.
  • Pure and deep colours, unique and inimitable tints with natural earth, cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide pigments.
  • High concentration of pigment in every colour.
  • Soft and pasty consistency

About oil paint;

  • Oil colours are produced with special linseed oils.
  • An important feature of oil paints is long drying time, which makes several painting sessions possible, giving the artist time to modify the painting.
  • Oil paints have bright and pure colours that don’t change the hue after drying.

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Portrait Shades, Pastel Shades, Seascape Shade


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